Incredible Visuals Make for a Stunning Site

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4 years ago

Our great friends over at Impatient Cow are completely dominating the visual world. They specialize in animation, 3D Technology, video, illustration and more for your company’s needs. They are so amazing, they are specializing into different fields.  They created a stellar site, Industrial Visualizations a while back, to cater to those companies in engineering, transportation, and public safety fields. 

They have another field they work with, and that is the medical field. When you go visit a medical professional these days, you stumble onto visuals that inform you. That is exactly what they do, and they complete illustrated this in their newest site, Vizidyne Medical.


Vizidyne Medical IS THE EXPERT in their field, and they have the experience to back it up!  Their About Us page not only highlights their background, but they showcase incredible photos to showcase the technologies they use to make these incredible visuals.


Using the SquareHook Portfolio, they can upload their work and potential clients can check out their work. It is amazing! They can upload a YouTube or Vimeo video that pulls into a really attractive grid–AND it saves on storage space! :)


Vizidyne nailed it on the head when they put together this site. Their visuals are fantastic!  Obviously, they know creative, and they have made their site both informative and beautiful! It makes us feel so awesome, knowing they took the lead and created this site on their own, using our easy website editor.


Vizidyne clearly needs a call to action–and that is to start a conversation about a client project. They utilized the SquareHook Form Builder to add a form to their contact page, so their team can quickly and easily reach out to these potential clients, after an inquiry.

We love the side bar menu pops from the side, on a smart phone-which allows you to continue to enjoy seeing the site, while you peruse the mobile menu!  We just love it!


We were so happy that Vizidyne Medical wanted to use our tool again to create yet ANOTHER gorgeous site. If you have a site you’d like to redo/upgrade, contact us!  We are here to help you showcase your business in the best light possible!

If you are looking to get some crazy real/detailed assets for your medical group, contact them–we don’t know how to do that. :)