Fun Summer Themed Website For a Funloving Shaved Ice Shack

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6 years ago

We had a ton of fun putting together this delightful free website!  We hear the words, ‘shaved ice,’ and besides #mmmmmm #foodporn, we think color and summer. 

We stumbled across Little Cow Shaved Ice on Groupon and noticed their website link wasn’t working. A SquareHook member contacted them to let them know it wasn’t working, and it just so turns out they had been hoping to create a new site, but didn’t have the time.  It was serendipitous, to say the least.  We let them in on our website promotion, and they were ready to let us use our creative juices! 


We were able to throw in their 30+ flavors and pricing onto the website as easily as it is for them to throw us together a tigersblood little cow!  Best thing about this page?  They can edit their flavors if they have new ones, and they can alter their prices as their demand grows!  They don’t have to call us, or pay someone to edit any page on their site, it is theirs to control and edit at any time of day!


Their mobile version is killer-easy to view and navigate, making it an awesome experience!  This is great for their target audience, people out and about looking for a shaved ice shack throughout Davis County, Utah.



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